Green Vest

Almost one year ago, after fuel taxes were raised by President Macron’s government, widespread protests began in France under the name of the “Yellow Vest Movement”.  An effort by the French government to reduce the national budget resulted in outrage and frustration.

As a Christian, I sometimes struggle to discern current events in a world full of injustice, corruption, and empty promises.  Revolution can be tempting, but most of the time, I end up simply asking myself, “If Jesus lived in today’s society, what would he do?”

I believe that he would wear a green vest.  I believe that he would choose to revolutionize the lives of mankind by transforming hearts.  After all, Jesus chose this approach 2000 years ago, under Roman occupation, at a time when frustration, corruption, injustice, and inequality were thriving.  He sees humanity as it is and knows that the source of our exasperation is, and always has been, the heart.

Is it not an oft-recurring theme in human history for even the oppressed to become tyrants?  Selfishness, individualism, opportunism, greed…the list goes on.

But Jesus is not standing by watching with his arms crossed.

I believe that during the forty-five demonstrations, Jesus would have marched with the yellow vest protesters, with the oppressed, the frustrated, and the desperate.  But he would have worn a green vest.  He would have spoken of love, peace, justice and a future.  He would have consoled.  He would have reassured. He would have interposed himself before each violent demonstration coming from either side, giving the answers to life and death.

Why a green vest?  Because green is the color of hope.

In trying to follow his example, I encourage you to change your heart before trying to change your environment.

Today, I want to encourage you.