New Virus

One evening in a restaurant, when the time came to pay for their meal, a couple walked up to the owner, pointed out a table where another couple was having their dinner, and said « We would like to pay for their meal along with our own. »

According to the restaurant owner, when this second couple found out that they had nothing to pay, they then offered to pay another table’s bill! And so the pattern continued throughout the entire evening

What’s the moral of this story?

That evening, the first couple’s generous act inspired the others to do the same.  That evening, generosity became contagious.

Sadly, we rarely hear stories like this!  We instead find ourselves contemptuous toward another’s hardship or perhaps even disapproving due to someone’s physical appearance. 

Instead of practicing simple generosity, we find ways to cheat the system.  We counterfeit, we pirate, we download illegally, we smuggle.  We cut in line, cut people off when driving, and cut corners at work.  And all the while we point out faults in others.

I have often wondered, “If your God really exists, why is there so much suffering, poverty, violence, injustice, and selfishness in this world?” Today I would like to answer by saying, “And what if you had something to do with it?”

Imagine a child, coming home from school and accusing his parents for the bad grades he’s been receiving. Doesn’t he have the greater responsibility?

Let’s start taking responsibility for our own actions and do what’s right.

Today, I want to encourage you.