The limits of progress

Un pouvoir limité

The COVID crisis has been a brutal reminder of the fragility of human life, both in its biological sense and in the social, political, and economic organization of our societies. The introduction of one microscopic organism, unknown up to that time, sufficed to turn our existences upside-down overnight. Worse still, the idea of death, which we put much effort into concealing, became so very real and imminent, plunging many into fear and despair. Many found themselves alone and defenseless when faced with the overwhelming brutality of the whole situation.

Yet human abilities have increased considerably in recent history, thanks to the innumerable and irreplaceable benefits of modern advancements that provide us with vast intellectual, technological, logistical and financial means. When dealing with death, however, we must admit that humanity is just as disconcerted as its ancestors were centuries ago. We can only give what we already possess; the same is true for progress. While it may provide great resources that undoubtedly contribute to the quality of our lives, it still leaves us exposed in our struggle against pain and death.

As we welcome its contribution to the world, it is perhaps time to recognize our own limits and to look elsewhere for a way to overcome its deficiencies. As for me, when confronted with the ideas of pain and death, I found all the consolation and help I need and so much more in Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this path for your search.