Will you marry me ?

I sometimes get the feeling that today, marriage is more often associated with the words “home loan” and “outdated” than with “promise” and “fidelity”.

When I ask a friend, coworker, or neighbor, “Why don’t you get married?”, I often get an answer that sounds like, “I’m still waiting to see if we go well together…”

We start by dating, then we kiss, we spend our first nights together, we meet the parents, we move in together, we go on vacation together, we have children, we buy a house…

If marriage is only the result of a good match, we shouldn’t be surprised at the number of divorces that happen.

Marriage isn’t the conclusion, it’s the introduction. Marriage is a mutual promise that despite the difficulties and changes that life may bring our way—physically, mentally, internally—we will do whatever it takes to maintain and cultivate our relationship, our love.

The key, the starting point, is you! You shouldn’t wait to see if it works out, but rather be ready to do all you can for it to work!
Stop saying, “We’ve lived together for four years and things seem to be going well. Why not get married?”
Instead say, “Let’s get married because I know I’m ready to do whatever it takes for you, for us, during all of the years God will give us on Earth.” With this starting point, I believe that not only the next four years will go well, but also that when you are faced with life’s difficulties, your marriage will make it through.

Today, I want to encourage you to open your eyes and see the world as God sees it.